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Dos and don'ts

General rules & regulations

Have regular syncs with this Library document owners: (Anders, Linn, FrontEnd Dev)
Never work in the original (library nor project) file
Disable the autosave feature in Sketch (Preferences)

Before, during & After

Check in with document owners before changing anything
Never Create new components or styles without checking for a existent or similar behaviour
Never leave a project (after handover) without updating final designs in this document
Sync updates to Zeplin

Grid, symbols and templates

Follow the 8 pixel grid, keeping the layout in the 12 columns. (So it scales for other resolutions).
Always keep page templates as they state 0 (without changing states in components)
Never nest symbols more than twice (2)
Keep the same file structure and naming conventions
Keep the Symbol Pages Organized

Scalability and consistancy

Foster for components that are scalable for several resolutions
Foster for consistency across the experience